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We are a customer centric full-service resource development consulting firm serving clients throughout the United States

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KSTB is a small business that produces extensive results. We are a customer centric full-service resource development consulting firm serving clients throughout the United States. Our current clients are in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Florida and New York. We'd love to have a presence in your state as well!


We provide six (6) services to meet the needs of nonprofit development: 1) 501c3 application and submission, 2) Incorporation, 3) Grants (city, county, state and federal), 4) Non-profit organization coaching (assist getting the organization started and ensuring that they are "grant ready" 5) 501c3 and Grant Coaching, training and seminars 6) Prospect Research (locate potential funders to provide grants for your programs and organization).


We create effective fundraising management systems and strategies that help non-profit organizations achieve long-term success and sustainability.


In America there are almost 100,000 funding sources of various types, yet over 60% of non-profit organizations are under-funded! A resource development strategy is crucial to the long term success of any organization. We can provide the expertise and coaching to craft and submit grant proposals that, with persistence, will produce results.



Don't trust your 501c3 and grants to just anyone. Get it done right the FIRST time with KSTB Enterprises, LLC.


KSTB Enterprises, LLC. is the premier grant writing and non-profit development firm specializing in sustainable resource development for all clients through a customized approach.


Getting funded or building a sustainable operation can be challenging and expensive. Offering a customized service model allows all our clients to pick which services they need to fit their budget and timeline.  We understand here at KSTB the need for a true customizable approach that really helps organizations and institutions at their core.


KSTB is proud to offer our clients the following services:


  • Starting A 501c3
    • 3 Different Options
    • 501c3 Review
    • 501c3 Reinstatement
  • Research & Grant Writing
    • Prospect Research
    • Grant Writing
      • Monthly Fees
  • Non-Profit Coaching
    • You have your 501c3 now what? (5 week or 2 day)
    • Research and Grant Writing Classes (5 week or 2 day)
  • Individual and Team Nonprofit Coaching
    • 40 hours/month (Management Team and Board)
    • 30 hours/month (Management Team and Board)
    • 20 hours/month (Management Team and Board)
  • Incorporation Bundle
  • Incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Distribution List of Foundations
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • SAM Registration
  • Federal Proposal
  • Certifications

Kimberly Sellars-Bates Founder & President

Kimberly Sellars-Bates is a native Atlantan and a product of the Atlanta Public and Fulton County school systems. She attended Alabama State University where she was an active student in the band, clubs, radio station and social and civic organizations. Upon graduating from ASU with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, she returned to her hometown and began working at Spelman College. While there, Mrs. Sellars Bates was introduced to the world of Resource Development. She worked full time but soon began getting requests from individuals and organizations to establish them as a nonprofit and secure grants. After discussing her next move with her husband, together, they decided that Kimberly should try working for herself.  Thus, Kimberly founded her company, KSTB Enterprises in 2007.


KSTB has grown tremendously from her humble beginnings at Kimberly’s dining room table. The firm now has offices in four states and is currently responsible for over $20 million in grants and contracts. The firm also has a 100% success rate in securing nonprofit status.  Kimberly provides consulting services and conducts seminars, trainings and nonprofit coaching all over the United States.


Kimberly is certified by Neighbor Works America, a national nonprofit organization created by Congress to provide financial support, technical assistance, and training for community-based revitalization efforts.


She works tirelessly in her community and is a dedicated and active member in many community organizations including: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (TEO Chapter); Order of the Easter Star (Peace Chapter #146); 100 Black Women (NW Georgia Chapter); Metro Atlanta Alabama State University Alumni Chapter; and Westlake High School.

Employee Handbook (HR Compliance Consultation)


Small nonprofits may not need one but if you have over two employees, having an employee handbook is a good idea. Having a written employee handbook ensures everyone in the organization has received and is operating from the same information. This can eliminate any dispute as to whether basic employment information was communicated. To this end, all employees should be asked to acknowledge in writing their receipt of the handbook at the time they are hired and at any time the handbook is modified.


Listed below are suggested items to be included:

An introduction including the organization’s mission, history and philosophies.

Rules pertaining to work schedules and hours and other details of attendance including types of excused absences and the process for notification of absences or tardiness.

Pay and performance including a description of how salaries and any other compensation are determined and adjusted as well as the role and specifics of any performance management processes.

A description of benefits including health and any other employer-provided insurance, paid time off, unpaid leaves and 403(b) or other retirement provisions. The organization’s substance abuse policy.

Sexual harassment and discrimination policies that reflect the organization’s full compliance with applicable laws.

Smoking policies especially where state or local laws may prohibit or restrict smoking.

Any non-disclosure and/or conflict of interest policies.

Policies regarding the use of information technology including security and privacy protocols.

The organization’s media relations policy specifying who is authorized to speak with the media on the organization’s behalf.

Other state mandated policies


I will come to your business or organization to review your current handbook and policies and ensure that your policies and procedures are current, relevant, and up to code.  Call now to schedule your appointment


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