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Fundfilling Your Goals!

Create - A - Nonprofit (Become a 501c3)


KSTB is now offering a total package deal! We are proud to offer clients a one-stop package where you can create a nonprofit from scratch and be on your way to "fundfilling" your vision and goals. We make it simpler for you here at KSTB by providing a total service to get you incorporated, registered, and operating as a full fledged legal entity. KSTB even develops your board by conducting an executive search and leading a series of training to ensure optimum operation of your new nonprofit. So, why not start up your very own nonprofit today and be the difference in the community you desire!


To get started today, simply fill out our contact form and request this package.


If you are a current KSTB client in Georgia, all paperwork requiring a notary is covered in your fees.


Don't trust your 501c3 and grants to just anyone. Get it done right the FIRST time with KSTB Enterprises, LLC.




Get money!


Funding is a critical component to the success of your program operation and project goals. We understand here at KSTB the challenges of operating your program or project amid a down economy. There's good news for you! There is funding available and KSTB can serve your organization or project needs to sustain or take your vision to the next level. Our service  integrates a package deal that gets to your core needs of revenue generation.


Through our designed life-cycle service we cater to your needs and interest to ensure a road map for current funding opportunities and a sustainable program. We actually get you the funding and get your organization on a path of sustainable operation, where you can hire staff, operate your services, and stay in the run long-term.


KSTB is also here for existing organizations and institutions who can benefit from extra resource development productivity. We have a track record for serving as external funding consultants that diversifies funding, increase donor giving, and multiply grant awards.


To get started today, fill out our contact form and request this package.



NON-Profit coaching


KSTB’s strategic coaching service is a 6-month commitment with bi-weekly coaching sessions. In those sessions Kimberly will help you with the issues you’re struggling with and will provide summaries and action steps after each session.


KSTB Provides:


  • Organization Coaching
  • One-on-one Coaching
  • Group Coaching


 Examples of our Nonprofit Strategic Coaching services include:


  • Clarifying the purpose(s) and mission of the organization
  • Developing a culture congruent with organizational purposes
  • Aligning resources (people, time and money) with the mission
  • Designing fundraising plans which support culture and mission
  • Editing a board presentation for a client — to strengthen the messaging.
  • Firing up the Board of Directors.
  • Helping with agendas for weekly meetings with their supervisors or monthly meetings with the board.
  • Evaluating their calendar for a month to offer thoughts on how they can spend their time more productively.



Prospect Research


Fundraising is about getting  to know your donors and building relationships. KSTB’s Prospect Research Reports provides extensive information and gives you the data you need to determine which individuals, foundations or corporations have the greatest financial capacity and inclination to give to your organization. We provide an estimated giving capacity and suggested ask range.


We look forward to working with you to increase your donor pool and provide invaluable information on individuals, foundations, and corporations who may be interested in funding your organization to ensure sustainability.


See a KSTB Sample Foundation Profile.











So you have a NPO but have some challenges? No problem, our seminars are also for leaders with existing NPO's and is filled with current and relevant information on how to get passed those seemingly difficult roadblocks. We serve organizations, community foundations, and projects that need an expert staff who knows their material.


To request a staff member to conduct a seminar at your event, organization, or conference please fill out our contact form and indicate your interest in the seminar service.


Seminar Topics


"What's Your Passion? Your Nonprofit CAN Turn A Profit!"


How to Start a Non-Profit Organization"


"No nonsense Guide to Fundraising"


"Get on Board (Board Training)"


"Securing Grant Funding"


"Grant Writing Fundamentals"


Hear Kimberly's interview on "A Better You Network" by clicking the link below:



Employee Handbook (HR Compliance Consultation)


Small nonprofits may not need one but if you have over two employees, having an employee handbook is a good idea. Having a written employee handbook ensures everyone in the organization has received and is operating from the same information. This can eliminate any dispute as to whether basic employment information was communicated. To this end, all employees should be asked to acknowledge in writing their receipt of the handbook at the time they are hired and at any time the handbook is modified.


Listed below are suggested items to be included:

An introduction including the organization’s mission, history and philosophies.

Rules pertaining to work schedules and hours and other details of attendance including types of excused absences and the process for notification of absences or tardiness.

Pay and performance including a description of how salaries and any other compensation are determined and adjusted as well as the role and specifics of any performance management processes.

A description of benefits including health and any other employer-provided insurance, paid time off, unpaid leaves and 403(b) or other retirement provisions. The organization’s substance abuse policy.

Sexual harassment and discrimination policies that reflect the organization’s full compliance with applicable laws.

Smoking policies especially where state or local laws may prohibit or restrict smoking.

Any non-disclosure and/or conflict of interest policies.

Policies regarding the use of information technology including security and privacy protocols.

The organization’s media relations policy specifying who is authorized to speak with the media on the organization’s behalf.

Other state mandated policies


I will come to your business or organization to review your current handbook and policies and ensure that your policies and procedures are current, relevant, and up to code.  Call now to schedule your appointment


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